OVERKILL Interview: Blitz On The Direction Of Overkill


Just when you think Overkill can’t possibly get any better, they go and put out a record like Scorched…..and totally redeem themselves. Who am I kidding, Overkill needs zero redeeming, because they just keep releasing banger after banger. Year after year. Decade after decade. The tried and true Jersey guys are as solid of a band as it gets, while maintaining all integrity of that thrash metal sound we all have loved since the 80’s. It’s a recipe, and it bloody works. (Just allow me to pun my way through this with 90’s terms).

Here we are on the twentieth release from the incredibly talented musicians; Bobby Blitz (vocals), DD Verni (bass), Dave Linsk (guitar), Jason Bittner (drums), and Derek Tailer (guitar). Scorched is full of evolutional surprises of some melodic shifts and tempo changes, yet still sounds exactly like Overkill. It will be released on April 14th, 2023 through Nuclear Blast Records. The pandemic did us some good in few area’s, but one of those area’s is this album in all its’ greatness. Lyrical and riff catchy tracks like, “Twist of the Wick”, which will be sure to be a welcome earworm, to melody shifting “Fever”, with tasty twists and turns. There is no sleeper song, it is all in your face, heavy hitting, progressive thrashy goodness.

Bobby Blitz was kind enough to sit down with Metal Nation and discuss this upcoming release. (If you are viewing from your phone, scroll to the end of the page and click on, “View Desktop Version” to gain video and interview access).


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