Album Review: HEIDEVOLK – Wederkeer



Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: Feburary 24th, 2023

As a practicing Wiccan and a student of all things Pagan, I would like to start by saying how humbled and honored I am to be able to share my feelings on this masterpiece of an album, Wederkeer by the mighty Heidevolk. It is truly a return to their folk metal roots at its finest.

Their deep connection to their culture and respect for tradition while infusing modern metal is not only badass but also inspiring. You can feel the ancestors chanting along. It’s metal magic! The language barrier disappears and you find yourself raising your drink to the Gods and singing along.  After all, great music is a universal language that transcends space and time.

With their upcoming release of Wederkeer, their first album released in 5 years, they have brought back their Pagan and folk roots, along with with their incredible rhythms and blend of harmonies. You can feel the camaraderie among them and their dedication to their roots.

“Hagalaz” starts with thunder and rain. Forbidding of the storms and calm this album brings. As they chant and approach the hill, you can hear our heroes arrive. As the concept unfolds I find myself escaping the everyday mundane and becoming more proud of my heritage than ever. I am often brought to my knees by its beauty and to my feet by its strength.

My only difficulty is the heavy transition between “Radiho” a heavy great song, dancing with my friends to the otherworldly,  to “Ver Velangen” which puts me in a trance. I honestly, wish this song would never end. I feel like I’ve been inducted into the Tribe.  “Ver Velangen” is my absolute favorite and I will play this glorious masterpiece of spiritual, musical,  tribal love throughout my life. Thank you Heidevolk for this blessed gift.

“Klaween Vooriut” has me chanting along, raising my horn to the Gods with clean timing and metal rhythms.  Then the title track, “Wedekeer” took me to another space and time.  Their use of native, ancient instruments,  melodic harmonies, and proud connection to their roots, honestly brought a tear to my eye.

Since 2005 Heidevolk has been transporting fans all over the world with tales of folklore from the Netherlands. Members: Jacco de Wijs (vocals), Koen Romeijn ( guitar), Mat van Baest (guitar), Rowan Middelwijk (bass), and Kevin van den Heiligenberg (drums), are making audiences feel you’re around the fire with them or marching into a battle for victory alongside your brothers and sisters.  This new release will definitely provide fans with all that and more, yet again.  This is a must have for 2023.

I wish I could be by the fire raising a horn with you, my brothers… And I can be now, through your music in my mind…

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