WIND ROSE Interview: Depression and Death in Warfront


Lord of the Rings and metal mixed together sounds like an amazing recipe already, but when you add dwarves as the main race to the mix, it is epic. Wind Rose has created this concoction and boosted in elements of incredible vocals, sensational compositions, and innovative costumes to complete the magic. They are releasing their fifth album on June 10th 2022 titled Warfront, and what a release this is. It is full of Dwarven chants and melodies, dark topics, and fist punching metal riffs, and is their best yet.

In 2009, from Pisa, Tuscany, these incredible musicians began their mission. Along the way, they have become more creative and evolved into something of a phenomenon. With millions of listens to their YouTube videos, they have paved a way for what some are calling Dwarven Metal, a new genre. Francesco Cavalieri (vocals), Claudio Falconcini (guitar), Federico Meranda (keyboard), Cristiano Bertocchi (bass), and Federico Gatti (drums), are the fellowship or the knot of dwarves, who have fought off trolls and orcs, which you get to witness in their videos, to reach your ears and hearts. The album begins with an instrumental, calm and comforting, and quickly jumps into a tale of brotherhood on track two; “Army of Stone”. It continues with battles, leads to a mountain of depression on song “I am the Mountain”, and ends with an acoustic heartfelt passing of a loved one titled, “Tomorrow Has Come”. Warfront is a visionary of adventures and is done so incredibly well, you will think you are a part of their journey.  Something truly special. 

Frontman Francesco was kind enough to sit down with Metal Nation and discuss the upcoming release. (If you are viewing on a phone, scroll to the end of the page and click on “View Desktop Version” to see video content).

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