THE ONGOING CONCEPT Interview: Dawson’s Got Worms


In Idaho, people expect trees, streams, fishing, and anything nature related, but they don’t always anticipate bands full of talent (unless you live here and know better). The Ongoing Concept is challenging this notion and showing people outside of the state how there is more to the musical aspect of Idaho than they may realize.  Latest album, Again, released by Solid State Records on March 31st, 2023, is showing once “again” what these incredible musicians are capable of with a mix of metal, alternative, progressive sounds, and everything in between. It is an album full of life and something anyone and everyone will enjoy.

Fresh out of Rathdrum, Idaho, The Ongoing Concept is made from a few good and highly talented friends and brothers; Dawson Scholz (vocals, guitar, ukelele), Parker Scholz (drums), Kyle Scholz (harsh vocalist, keyboards), Andy Crateau (guitar, vocals), and TJ Nichols (bass, banjo). They started their adventure in 2009 and have continued to create a multitude of genres wrapped into one musical element and a diverse style that somehow just works. Again is their fourth album release and it is full of energy and excitement as to which direction the album and music is going to go.

Dawson sat down with Metal Nation and discussed the album as well as many other fun topics. (If you are viewing from your cellphone, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “View Desktop Version” to gain interview and video access). 

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