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Brock’s 2 Cents – December 2021

For the newcomers, here's what I like to do with my reviews... I decided to do something a bit different. I write quick/straight to the point reviews, just giving you the main points about the album and that's it. I listen to all the genres…

Brock’s 2 Cents – October 2020

October is almost done and this year is flying by... This Covid-19 crap is still here, *UGH*... Well, one thing is next year is gonna be crazy with new releases because all the bands are writing and practicing since there's no

Brock’s 2 Cents – August 2020

Another month of this Covid-19 b*llsh*t with no concerts/tours and I'm coming to the realization that I might not see a concert this year. I'm already annoyed, pissed off, etc.. but a whole year without a show, I might actually lose my…