OSAKA PUNCH Interview: Blair as Tom Holland, Spilling It All About Upcoming Album


Australia has become a new favorite resource for finding some of the best music has to offer. First the discovery of Twelve Foot Ninja, then onto the hilarious and highly talented Osaka Punch. This zany multi-genre band has quickly swept through the hearts of this household, with crazy videos and incredible musicianship. You never know what you will get with these guys; funk, pop, jazz, metal, and everything in between. The unpredictability becomes a breath of fresh air as you start to trust that whatever direction they take something, you know you are going to fully enjoy it. This kind of talent is unmatched. I am looking forward to this new release. While it took me entirely too long to get this interview out (you will be able to tell by multiple mentions of Christmas-time), it is worth the watch. It is even more worth the venture into Osaka Punch’s musical journey.

These wild and crazy guys are from, already mentioned, Australia. The talent seeps from the veins of members; Jack  Venables (vocals), Brenton Page (bass), Blair Hamilton (drums), and Chrispy Town (guitar). Osaka Punch has previously released two albums and is working on their third. (I cut the part out where Blair goes full Tom Holland and accidentally tells me the title of the upcoming album haha!)

Blair was kind enough to sit down with Metal Nation and offer some insight into Osaka Punch.




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