DIE LIKE GENTLEMEN Interview: Adam Doesn’t Subscribe to One Genre


Sometimes you are lucky to find a jewel amongst the Earth’s surface of music that you don’t know is there. I happened upon Die Like Gentlemen while having the extra time to go through the many emails I get every day of upcoming albums. Most times I have to go off of a quick first impression due to time constraints, so it is difficult to give these bands the time and energy they usually deserve. Hard Truths caught my attention within literal seconds of the first track and I knew I wanted to know more.

This Portland quartet has not paved any specific path of a genre, which is one of the many things that makes them so intriguing. That aspect of the unknown is an exciting journey for me. Adam Alexander (guitars, vocals), Shawn Boles (drums), Matt Wieber (guitar), and Sean Rodgers (bass), have created something truly unique with Hard Truths that keep you guessing and enjoying the ride. It will be released on March 17th, 2023 through Drink This Music.

The changes throughout go from classic metal soundscapes to doom-style elements, to an almost Doors-ish melody and dark mood with “Letting in the Rain”. Yet, as soon as you settle into that haunting style, the shift welcomes in an energetic twist of heavier riffs while maintaining the same feel and flow, just to lock you back into the eerie atmosphere. Just when you think you might have an idea of where they are heading, “Unliving” whiplashes back to the reality of just having no idea, because now, we are listening to harsher growls from the guttural regions. Alexander’s range is very impressive and every instrument complements everything the song needs.  The noteworthy song “Bury Me” gets stuck in my head constantly now. It is a banger with some very relatable lyrical content.

Metal Nation talked with Alexander about this upcoming release and the past with my first two-part interview. (If you are viewing from a phone, scroll to the bottom and click on “View Desktop Version” to gain interview and video access).

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