The Hellion’s Top 10 Hard Rock and Metal Albums of 2017


What’s up Metal Nation world? The Hellion has joined forces with Metal Nation and we have created our own Rock N’ Roll Avengers! I am proud to be a part of it! With that being said, on with this year’s top 10!

2017 has brought us a TON of great new music. It was hard but I managed to pare it down to my 10 favorites (in no particular order):

BLACK STAR RIDERSHeavy Fire (Nuclear Blast)

Always have been a Thin Lizzy fan. When Black Star Riders arose from the ashes of Thin Lizzy it made me proud that they had moved on and yet still honored them. This is their third release as BSR and they remain strong as ever. Tracks like “Who Rides The Tiger” and “Thinking About You Could Get Me Killed” give this album substance.

STEEL PANTHER Lower The Bar (Open E Music/Kobalt)

Steel Panther is just a fun band, full of KILLER musicians. The thing about these guys is they have fun with their music, which is why we fell in love with it right? On their fourth release, Lower the Bar, they keep the party going with tracks like a cover of  Cheap Trick’s “She’s Tight” (featuring Robin Zander), and the soon to be classic “Poontang Boomerang.” Such poise and class from these rockers.

JOHN 5 & THE CREATURES Season Of The Witch (60 Cycle Hum)

John 5 first hit my ears in 1994 with his project Red Square Black which featured Randy Castillo. I have been a fan ever since. His latest release Season of the Witch, continues to impress and amaze. Jump out tracks are; “Here’s To The Crazy Ones” and “Now Fear This”. There are a ton of guitarists out there tearing it up but only one John 5.

GRETA VAN FLEET From The Fires EP (Lava/Republic)

I had several people telling me about this Greta Van Fleet. Then I started hearing them on the radio, not too shabby for a young band these days. Strong vocals, good guitar hooks, and solid rhythms are what this band brings. “Highway Tune” and “Safari Song” will burn themselves into your ears and have you humming and tapping your feet all day.

WARRANTLouder Harder Faster (Frontiers)

2017 and Warrant still kicking ass. Their second album with vocalist Robert Mason finds the band hitting a groove with straight up Rock N’ Roll. I had the chance to speak with Robert about the record, and he said writing and recording it was an organic and fun experience. “Only Broken Heart” is a track that really captured me. It has a Thin Lizzy vibe without ripping them off. The title track, “Louder Harder Faster” is just that and has a great video for it as well.

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