DEICIDE Interview: Glen The Poop Stick Man


Back in 1989, there was a storm brewing in Tampa, Florida. Glen Benton and Steve Asheim were working on continuing the creation of a style of music that would eventually take over the metal industry. Death metal is a genre that many “extreme metal fans” prefer due to its brutality, heavy instrumentation, lyrical content, etc. Deicide has made itself comfortable within this genre, and the fans are continually here for it. Releasing their 13th album on April 26th, 2024, Banished By Sin is full of aggressive riffs, heavy tones, and graphic videos and lyrics.

Glen Benton (bass, lead vocals), has continued to shock the world with his opinionated views, but the guy is a big sweetheart, (don’t tell him I said that). He has learned the inner balance of saying how he feels, yet continuing to be a king human. Deicide has been going on for over 30 years, and he has eased into this phase of life comfortably. Along with Benton is original member, Steve Asheim, (drums), while taking newer members, Kevin Quirion (guitars, backing vocals), and even more recent,  Taylor Nordberg (guitars, backing vocals), with them for the ride.

Banished by Sin is full of heavy hooks, fast riffs, and neck-breaking speed. The self-titled song gets stuck in my head due to the guitar work that is extremely catchy and memorable. One thing about Deicide is their incredible ability to stay consistent with their sound, which keeps fans hungry for more.

Glen was nice enough to sit down with Metal Nation and discuss this release, among many other topics. (If you are viewing from your phone, scroll to the end of the page and click “View Desktop Version” to gain access to interview and videos).
















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