Spain’s HOLLOW CRY unleash new lyric video, ‘Procrastinated’


A new lyric video has been unveiled from from Spanish metallists Hollow Cry – “Procrastinated.” The hard-hitting track is the second video to emerge from the band’s latest release, From Ashes to Flames, which was released on September 28th via Into Records, and can be viewed below.

The band came up with a powerful melody, but Xavi couldn’t find the lyrics,” explains the band about ‘Procrastinated.’ “Then his brother showed him a poem he’d written the night before, after getting home drunk. It was an instant fit. ‘Procrastinated’ reflects on life from the standpoint of a person who’s about to die and sees the world as something dull, trivial, meaningless. The music and the lyrics fed on each other; a new metal song had been created.”

From Ashes to Flames means rebirth, a new beginning. After years of experimental projects, of relentless effort in the musical world, we can finally present our own music, the album we always wanted to create. This is our chance, the time to either turn to ashes or burst into flames. We want our fans to experience the same.”

The album can be purchased for download via this link:

Get it HERE

Hailing from the town of Tremp in Spain, Hollow Cry is comprised of Xavi Strife – vocals, Aleix Farré – guitar, Marc Muñoz – guitar, Joan Flores – bass, and Enric Pons – drums, who have already issued a lead-off video from the aforementioned album, “Last Call”:

While the underground metal scene is still emerging in Spain, and the newly launched Hollow Cry feel they are at the forefront. This is the result of that journey, the final leap, this is the beginning of Hollow Cry – and From Ashes to Flames is a mighty/bold step forward.

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