SAULT Interview: SEAN TIBBETTS Spreads His ‘Seeds of Power’


Sean Tibbetts and Casey Grillo form the rhythmic backbone of Kamelot, America’s premier symphonic metal band. Like most musicians, their passion for music extends beyond the scope of one particular sub-genre. A few years back, Tibbett’s began to get the itch to create something that spoke to other aspects of his musical interests, and began formulating a solo album driven primarily by his bass guitar. As time went by, he began to realize that he wanted to go beyond that, and he began searching for the pieces to a new band. After failed encounters with three guitarists, a chance meeting through his tattoo artist, Bisquette Bewley, led Tibbetts to guitarist Curtis Jay. Jay turned out to be the first guitarist who managed to write riffs complimentary to Sean’s bass lines, and the two began working in earnest.

Tibbetts found the voice for his band in the form of Arcanium’s rhythm guitarist, Riggs. The introduction came courtesy of One-Eyed Doll’s Kimberly Freeman. Riggs’ stepped out from behind his guitar to showcase his unique and dynamic vocal style. Riggs also brought his songwriting chops to the table. Of course, Sean looked no farther than his Kamelot battery-mate, Grillo, to backstop the band.

The band name, Sault, comes from a Leonardo DeCaprio line in the film, Gangs of New York about an Irish American gang from the 1850s; “Do they have the salt of the Dead Rabbits?” Salt referring to their toughness. Tibbetts altered the spelling to avoid copyright issues. With a name in place and a solid line-up, the focus returned to the creation of the songs that would become their debut album, Seeds of Power, due out later this year. While Sault is the brainchild of Tibbetts, it is the individual strengths of the quartet that make the band something for heavy music fans to look forward to; an amalgamation of the many elements of heavy rock.

This week, Metalholic/Metal Nation connected with Sean Tibbetts to chat about the band’s formation, the music, and the future of Sault. You can check out the full interview with below. You can also hear 3 tracks off the album here.

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