NEKROGOBLIKON Unleash Bombastic New Track ‘The Magic Spider’

Prepare For Warped Tour All Summer Long


Nekrogoblikon unleash the bombastic, new track, “The Magic Spider” today (see link below). This song comes off the band’s highly anticipated new offering Welcome To Bonkers, which is set for an April 13th release. Don’t miss the group on Warped Tour all summer long. All dates can be found HERE.

Nicky (vocals) states:

“We just wrapped up a month long U.S. tour in support of Rings of Saturn. We were on the road with lots of bands- Gloom, Entheos, Lorna Shore, Allegaeon and Rings. We had so much fun on this tour. It was a blast to hang out with a bunch of other dudes who were down to have fun and be silly, since we’re definitely into that as well. We decided that now, in celebration of that fun spirit, would be the perfect time to release ‘The Magic Spider’ from our new album Welcome to Bonkers.

“I think this is a very special song for us. I wanted to play around with odd time signatures and somehow stumbled across this piano riff that totally reminded me of the classic rock/AOR days. It almost has a Rick Wakeman/Yes vibe to it, but perhaps it’s a bit more flamboyant. I love to imagine playing this song live, and just watching Raptor playing it under a spotlight as the song begins, and just thinking like- ‘this guy is the shit, man!’ The song goes on a special journey, from pop-prog to pop-punk to space-surf metal to tropical to epic choral to broadway to calypso to god knows what else. I really hope everyone enjoys the song as much as I do!”

Welcome To Bonkers Official Pre-Order Link

There is truly no other metal band out there that can be compared to Nekrogoblikon!

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