IN HEARTS WAKE Interview: Jake Says We Have Unlocked Something That Can’t Be Caged


There is something special about finding a band and an album that really hits your soul in the best way. I wish I could bottle that experience up and continue to have the new feeling over and over again. Since this is not possible, I will enjoy the fact that In Hearts Wake has awakened this in me with Incarnation, which will be released on July 12th, 2024 through UNFD.

With the clean vocalist, Kyle Erich leaving the band, they were faced with what to do next. In Hearts Wake decided to cage themselves in a basement and see what they could do without him, and in my opinion, they created something exceptional. Jake Taylor (vocals), Eaven Doll (lead guitar, backing vocals), Ben Nairne (rhythm guitar), and Conor Ward (drums), have achieved a heavy and aggressive album full of important topics and ever-changing musical shifts. They have had some guest vocalists intertwined throughout, with fellow Australian Winston McCall of Parkway Drive in the mix. Incarnation is a full circle album related to their 2012’s Divination album that had ties to Tarot concepts and same guest vocalists.

Taylor also added creative titles to the songs to add to the Tarot significance. The album starts with “Spitting Nails”, which is a title that fits well with the dynamic and heavy, in your face tone and composition. The track that seems to stick with me the most is, “Transmission”, which has a very emotional feeling and relatable lyrics that really drive into your core and bring out some strong sentiments. We discussed this track in the interview and he digs deep to express the meaning. The album ends with, “Farewell”, which is the last song with Erich and an emotional tribute to him leaving the band.

Jake was nice enough to sit down with Metal Nation and discuss this album as well as other topics. (If you are viewing from your phone, scroll to the end of the page and click on, “View Desktop Version” to gain interview and video access).

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