DETHKLOK Interview: Brendon and the “Five Dipshit, Assholes Living Inside my Head”


What we thought was the end of an era in 2013, thankfully, has only been a temporary hiatus and 2023 has brought us more Dethklok and more Metalocalypse. Nathan, Pickles, Skwisgaar, Toki, and Murderface are back and the metal community is in an uproar of excitement. Army of the Doomstar takes our favorite five animated musicians on an adventure to save the world? Sounds like we are in trouble! Does Dethklok have it in them? Are they able to put aside their idiotic personalities and grow in order to save their fellow humans and sea creatures? You will have to be on the lookout on August 22nd to see the outcome of our fate!

In 2006, Metalocalypse swept into Adult Swim and brought a new view of metal and the members behind the music. Inspired by Cannibal Corpse‘s Corpsegrinder, Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha created a whole universe of everything the metalheads came to love; wrapped in humor, absurdity, and incredible metal music by their band, Dethklok. Dethklok includes this co-creator Brendon Small on vocals and guitar, the legendary Gene Hoglan on drums and the co-composer of the music, Pete Griffin on bass and backing vocals, and Nili Brosh on guitar. With a new movie, also comes new music, Deathklok IV,  AND a new soundtrack. That is an overwhelming amount of metal perfection, the whole community might simultaneously combust come August 22nd. If you are in your late 30’s to 40’s, make sure you hold your face in place and empty your bladder before pushing play on any of the three. While clearly you really should buy all three, (these musicians/creators don’t get near the financial commission they deserve for making our lives much more liveable and peaceful), you will also get the full experience, and just MAYBE we can urge Brendon to give us more. Small urges people to also watch the first movie, The Doomstar Requiem if you have not seen it already. Revisit it if you have before jumping into Army of the Doomstar.

Small was so great to sit down with Metal Nation and discuss all of these releases. (If you are viewing from your phone, scroll to the bottom and click “View Desktop Version” to gain interview and video access). I hope you enjoy watching this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it! Get the album here!

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