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Brock’s 2 Cents – MARCH 2021

March hits that one year mark of this full blown Covid-19 bullsh*t here in the states and it seems its going to linger on for a little bit more. *UGH* Hopefully things get back to normal for concerts by late summer or fall. Only good thing…

Brock’s 2 Cents – February 2021

Two months in and the new releases are coming out left and right. I'm very excited for this year in metal because last year was such a disaster with the tour/concert situation, many of bands probably buckled down or had nothing else to do

Brock’s 2 Cents: January 2021

Like every year, when I do these reviews, January is mostly albums that I missed from last year. No exception this year either. I reviewed one new album, a few albums that came out in December and some from earlier of last year. So, here…