SPACE OF VARIATIONS Interview: Strength, Hope, and Music


There are so many layers to this article, and most are articulated in the interview, but peeling an onion pales in comparison to what and who this band is. Space of Variations is a Ukrainian metal band who have chosen to remember sometimes good comes out of bad. Even when it is horrifyingly bad. Imago, releasing September 23rd, 2022 through Napalm Records, is full of insightful lyrics pertaining to darkness and the light.  The album goes through changes along the way beautifully and purposefully. Every twist and turn is aimed directly with the intent of having full “variations” of music, track to track.

This thought-provoking band includes Dima Kozhuhar (vocals), Alex Zatserkovny (vocals, guitar), Anton Kasatkin (bass), and Tima Kasatkin (drums).  Their impeccable way of adjusting your mindset through not only the lyrical content but also through the musical composition is next level. While their country is going through awful tragedy, Imago calls attention to the situation while also bringing in some of their own light. Space of Variations has also mastered the brilliance of song titles including; “1M followers”, “vein. mp3”, and “NON-HUMAN CLUB 2.0”. There is no way to know what to expect track after track, but what you can expect, is incredible music.

Alex and Dima were wonderfully kind to sit down with Metal Nation and openly talk about their reality and this beautiful release. If you are viewing from your phone, please scroll down to the bottom and click “View Desktop Version” to gain access to the interview and other music videos.



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