SAMYRA Interview: Sebastian Discusses Smother and Future Plans


The band Samyra came to me through a twitch channel called TheGrumpyNerd, where everyone takes turns playing a song they enjoy with others. One of the members played the Samyra song “Nightmare”, and I was instantly intrigued. There is something really unique about this German metalcore band with the musical shifts and heavy-hitting riffs. The dynamic differences in the two vocal styles are complementary to each other, harsh and clean vocals mixed throughout. Their intense breakdowns create a very headbanging experience.

You may have not heard of Samyra because they are a newer band that just released their debut album, Smother, July 2nd, of 2021. Coming out of Germany starting in 2017, they have a rare musical style, yet also fit perfectly into the metal mold of metalcore. Members; Janis Grewe (vocals), Sebastian Simon (guitar, clean vocals), Tarik Sieg (guitar), Fabian Stephan (bass), and Lars Himmelmann (drums), are the brains behind the music.  Every song hits in a peculiar way as each has its’ own heartbeat. With this, it is captivating to listen to since you do not know where the next song will take you. “In Tongues” has an incredible video that really brings home a story that many can relate to. I highly suggest you take the time to check this band out.

Sebastian was kind enough to sit down with Metal Nation about this release.


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