GREENLEAF Interview: Arvid Unleashes the Darkness


The Greenleaf Swedes are at it again with another incredible album full of fun videos and heartfelt subjects. The Head & the Habit is a mix of groovy riffs, stellar bass and drum beats, and melodic, beautiful vocals. I have become a bigger and bigger fan with each new album. This is their ninth studio album and fifth with vocalist Arvid Hällagård.

In 1999, heavy hitter Tommi Holappa (guitar), decided to start another project outside of his Dozer project and here began Greenleaf. Throughout the years there has been some lineup changes, with the recent being: Arvid Hällagård (vocals), Hans Frohlich (bass), and Sebastian Olsson (drums). Their last release, Echoes From a Mass  in 2021 and was number 3 on my personal top albums of 2021. Hallagard has a very soulful voice that always seems to hit me right in the feels. When you add in the genius that is Holappa and some other extremely talented musicians, then you have something really special.

The Head & The Habit begins with, “Breathe, Breathe out” which has already been released. It has a steady drum beat until the guitar works in. The pace fills up more space before Hallagard introduces his vocals. The video is not one to miss! “Different Horses” is another must watch video, especially if you have ever wondered what Arvid may look like as a mythical creature. The most notable song is, “That Obsidian Grin”. This track is bluesy and a raw take on the talented vocalist. It also tugs at your heart strings, I get emotional listening to it. “The Tricking Tree” is a brilliant adventure built into a song.

This is one of the albums you have to experience all at once, all the way through. Don’t cheapen your listen by skipping around.

Arvid was kind enough to sit down with Metal Nation again and discuss this upcoming release. (If you are viewing from your phone, please scroll to the end of the page to gain interview and video access).

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