ENTHEOS Interview: Chaney Feeling For Humanity


How do you even begin to explain the incredible band that is Entheos? Death metal with technical instrumentation is what they are primarily known as, but the latest album Time Will Take Us All adds elements of jazz, grunge, and progressive soundscapes that keeps your ears perked up and curious the whole way through. There is also acoustic guitar toward the end of the album with a haunting lyrical component and feel. The most shocking perhaps, is Chaney Crabb’s jump into clean vocals, which she pulls off flawlessly, to no one’s surprise I am sure.  You can listen to this album now as it came out March 3rd, 2023 through Metal Blade Records.

Entheos began their journey in California in 2015. Navene Koperweis (drums), and Chaney Crabb (vocals), are the power duo behind this insanely talented band with the addition of Even Brewer whose bass notes are unparalleled. They had released two albums, The Infinite Nothing (2016), and Dark Future (2017), prior, which both were warmly and immediately embraced by the metal community. Just when you think they cannot possibly get any better, they release Time Will Take Us All, which brings a whole new light to what these guys are capable of. Breathing more musical compositions and a thought provoking philosophy on life, this album will be tough to beat in 2023.

Chaney was kind enough to talk with Metal Nation about this release, among so many other things. (If you are viewing from your phone, scroll down to the end of the page and click on the red “View Desktop Version”  to gain interview and video access). 

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