PERSEFONE Interview: Carlos Gives Us More Than One Word


The first time I heard Persefone I was completely blown away. I couldn’t believe they were not already a household name in the metal community. As soon as I saw a new album was being released, I quickly jumped at the chance to chat with them again and hear more about it. While this is only part one, it is a dynamic beginning and I already eagerly await part two. Lingua Ignota: Part I, is full of progressive greatness and a mixture of soundscapes. The new vocalist Daniel Rodriguez Flys is a perfect addition to a flawless band.

One of my favorite parts of Persefone is its lyrical content. There is much wisdom and thought-provoking ideas that really make you think and feel.  Carlos Lozano (guitar), Filipe Baldaia (guitar), Miguel “Moe” Espinosa (keyboards and vocals), Toni Mestre (bass), and Sergi “Bobby” Verdeguer (drums), along with Flys have created another incredible album full of heart. One unique aspect of this band is its ability to have all members involved in the development of lyrics. From the small country of Andorra, Persefone is anything but small, and their humbleness is admirable. The alternating clean and harsh vocals give even more depth to the music. Add the heavy riffs, fast bass and drum beats, and consistent shifts in musical paces, it is sure to keep you at full attention.

Carlos was kind enough to sit down with Metal Nation again and discuss this release. (If you are viewing from your phone, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “View Desktop Version” to gain interview and video access).












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