OXBOW Interview: Greg Says Oxbow Changes Their Setlist Nightly


Oxbow is an experimental rock band out of California. They began their musical quest in 1989 and have showed no signs of stopping. “Love’s Holiday” is their 8th studio album that came out on July 21st, 2023, and what a record it is! Dan Adams (electric, acoustic basses), Greg Davis (drums, percussion), Eugene S. Robinson (vocals), and Niko Wenner (guitars, pianos), have struck another unique chord with songs one would assume are love songs until you listen to the lyrics and become privy to the actual meaning. Make sure you pay attention to hear what I mean.

One of the most interesting things about this band is their ability to play a different setlist every night where you are sure to never see the same show more than once. I don’t know how they accomplish this, but is a fascinating way to go about live shows. Oxbow has a very diverse sound that ranges from a Melvins-style to a Greenleaf-ish soundscape, then switches to a more heavy vocal approach. They are masters of keeping you on your toes, which at this point I feel is the only type of band Ipecac signs, and I am more than happy about this. When you think you have the ambiance of the album pegged, they make a turn and you end up vibing to a completely opposite range. Listen to, “Icy White & Crystalline”, into, “Lovely Murk”, to see what I am talking about. There is even a vocal singing part in the second track that transcends you to another universe. There are multiple choir-style vocalizations that fill up the musical feelings of the tracks.

“Love’s Holiday” is an album that really takes you by the soul and sends you on an escape you find you desperately need. It is full of beauty and heart. Highly Recommend.

Greg was kind enough to sit with Metal Nation to discuss this release and other information on Oxbow.


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