Everyone who loves rock and metal in the Boise and surrounding areas, knows the name Big J (aka Jeremi Schlader). He is on the morning show with his co-host Nic every week day on 100.3 the X. They are big supporters of the local rock and metal scene, and have quite the reputation as the fun and goofy guys that play great music, and tell the best stories.

Big J has recently decided to make a big life change. He states he has struggled with his weight for a long time, and decided he was done with the struggle. He posted a video on Facebook and YouTube to his favorite band, Metallica, and asked for their help. He asked to have the opportunity to interview the whole band, if he was able to lose 100 pounds by November 28th, 2018, the day they will be in Idaho for their concert. Today he got his answer. I caught up with him and asked him a few questions about how this has been going, and about his quest for a healthier lifestyle.

Neeka: What made you decide on Metallica for this challenge?

Big J: Metallica is my favorite band, but it really had everything to do with timing.  At the time I was really thinking about making a big change. I was re-evaluating my health and my relationship with food. While that was happening we were talking to Metallica’s management about them coming to town for an arena show.  So I figured why not combine the two and take a shot at asking the band for a little help. Never hurts to ask.

Neeka: Today they responded with a yes! That must have been very exciting for you. I heard a little about how it went, can you give me a quick recap of what that was like for you?

Big J: Well, it was kind of a crazy morning. I had taken a week off work after my Mom passed away last Wednesday. So I was already kind of in a weird emotional state.  So I didn’t see it coming.  Now during this time since I posted the first video I have been in contact with Q Prime, Metallica’s management company.  It just so happened that one of their promotions people were in town today. It was a trip planned a long time ago, to chat with one of the other stations in our group about a different artist.  So I really wasn’t expecting anything crazy. He got in a bit earlier than I thought he would, and he joined us in the studio.  We were talking, and then I get a text message from my Wife asking if I had seen my Facebook page.  I about fell over. I was surprised and very emotional for a moment.  I haven’t totally processed everything.

These are long answers, sorry. lol

Neeka: I’m very sorry about your mothers passing. I’m sure you have many emotions running through you right now.

Neeka: Who has been your biggest supporters?

Big J: Pretty much everyone.  Then again I haven’t let anyone get in my way either.  You know sometimes when you publicly address something like this everyone has their own idea on how to approach dealing with it, which is great.  So early on I decided that I was going to be very polite, accept everyone’s support, but stick with the plan I had thrown together.  I realize I am no health expert, nutrition or mental. But I know me, and I know what has worked and wasn’t hasn’t.  So I need to keep it simple, and I need to keep an eye on what my real issue happens to be, and that is binge eating.

Neeka: Good for you. Sometimes knowing what you need it the hardest part. Sounds like you have a good lead. Speaking of which, what are your plans to lose, if you don’t mind sharing.

Big J: I came up with a 4 Phase plane. I have slides lol.

Neeka: This is amazing!! I like how you broke it up into albums.

Big J: They each have a theme, though I am in the middle of re-evaluating Phase 2. Thinking about dropping the Keto aspect. It is distracting me from the mental focus.

Neeka: Well as you mentioned before, you know you, and you know what’s best for you. What would you like to say to people who are struggling with their weight?

Big J: It’s a big problem in our country. Most people struggle with it at some point. I guess I would just ask that they think really hard about the place food has in their lives. If you use the word “comfort” food consider what you are really saying and then ask yourself, ‘Do I turn to food to deal with my problems?’ If you think the answer might be yes, then take a deeper look into it, you might be surprised just how prevalent a place it has in your life.  After I found out that I had Binge Eating disorder I sought therapy. It didn’t take long to find just how and where I started using food to cope. I was a child, and my Grandmother meant the world to me. So did her cooking apparently.  I had subconsciously been connecting the two for decades.  Crazy, but 100% Truth.

Neeka: That actually makes a lot of sense.

Big J: I had a really good therapist lol.

Neeka: That’s important. Not everyone has that experience unfortunately.

Big J: Oh and I’ve learned that people have to go into therapy with the idea that seeking help is only the first step.  A good therapist will lead you to your own conclusions, but they only can do that if you spill your guts. And that isn’t easy for people to do.

Neeka: Absolutely agreed.

Neeka: Last question. Where can people follow your story?

Big J: My personality facebook page is the place, and youtube to a degree. But this is where I am updating everything.

Neeka: You’re inspiring a lot of people. I am one of them. I really appreciate your time Big J. Know we are all in your corner and rooting for you!

You can follow this story and see Metallica’s response video on Big J’s personality website on Facebook



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