DEVILDRIVER INTERVIEW: Shooting the Shit with Spreitzer


It has been over 20 years and DevilDriver have shown no signs of releasing mediocrity. There are some bands where you can go into a new album, confident it is going to be killer, and these guys are one of those bands. While we have had the pleasure of listening to Dealing with Demons I, which was released in 2020, Dealing with Demons II is even more impressive. It will be released on May 12th, 2023 through Napalm Records and is one I guarantee you do not want to miss. Both albums are full of recognizing personal and external demons and calling attention to them.

In 2002 DevilDriver began their existence after vocalist Dez Fafara already created a trusty name with his band Coal Chamber. Deciding to begin a new endeavor, DevilDriver was born and was quick to be just as promising, in an entirely different musical light. Mike Spreitzer joined early in the game as lead guitarist. While there have been numerous musician changes outside of these two, the music has maintained its’ stability. Bassist Jon Miller jumped back into the mix after taking a hiatus since 2011, and the band seems to be beyond pleased about this. Also added is rhythm guitarist Alex Lee, and Davier Perez on drums.

Dealing with Demons II is more aggressive than volume I, and takes a more directive approach. There is dynamic musical shifts and stellar riffs. One of my favorite pieces is the beginning of “Summoning”, with the acoustic guitar almost Spanish style soundscape that merges straight to a heavier melodic atmosphere. Also notable is epic guitar riffs in “Nothing Lasts Forever” and spicy melody switches.

Speitzer was kind enough to sit down with Metal Nation and discuss this release. (If you are viewing from your cellphone, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “View Desktop Version” to gain interview and video access).


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