CROBOT Interview: The Ritual of the Listening Experience


Once in a while, you come across a band where you immediately know they are going to be a staple in your collection and you will be spinning their albums regularly. Crobot is that band for me and I am sure many others. There is something incredibly unique and special about them that I am not completely able to put into words.  Their stoner rock influence definitely hit all the marks, their bizarre and comical videos are highly entertaining, and the killer riffs and excellent musicianship are obvious, but there is more.  Crobot‘s latest album, Feel This, released on June 3rd, 2022, has a different feel with inspiring, insightful lyrical content. The title of the album is appropriate because that is exactly what happens when you listen to it, you feel an immense level of emotions when you start it, close your eyes, and envelop yourself in the experience, which I strongly recommend you do. Feel This is full of hope, beautiful poetic lines, and heart.

The Pennsylvania musicians behind this anomaly are: Brandon Yeagley (vocals), Chris Bishop (guitar), Tim Peugh (bass), and Dan Ryan (drums).  They started their journey in 2011 and have continued to pave a powerful path along the way. The predecessor album, MOTHERBRAIN released in 2019, turned many heads that had not previously been on the Crobot train. This gave them more momentum to start hitting charts and rock stations around the world.

Brandon was kind enough to talk with Metal Nation about their latest release among other topics. If you are viewing from a phone, go to the end of the page and click “View Desktop Version” to get access to interview and videos.

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