Video Premiere: AGE OF WOLVES ‘Lockdown 20/21’ Chapter 6

Chapter 6 of the Age of Wolves documentary Lockdown 20/21 sheds light on how the band managed to write and record their music amidst the Covid-19 restrictions as well as how they came up with their name.  This chapter also features a song which celebrates the legacy of Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy which was performed live at The Backstage in October 2020

Filmmaker/photographer Syx Langemann brings you the sixth, and final chapter, of Lockdown 20/21. This segment focuses on the inner workings and thought process within the band as they’re forced to find their way forward in the early days of the covid pandemic. How does a ‘new’ band establish themselves when the only means of communication for three months are emails, phone calls, messenger threads, and text messages? Fortunately, they managed to record the first four songs they wrote, and were working on the next four when lockdowns were declared.

…Settling on a name however, would be their second biggest challenge…

Drawing once again from the individual interviews conducted in the summer of 2020 as covid restrictions began to ease between the first and second waves, Langemann was able to capture not only where each member wanted the band to be at down the road, but also the uncertainty of what the future would look like.

The final song performed and featured in this chapter was also recorded using seven cameras in a legally mandated 50 person capacity environment during the band’s debut live performance in October 2020 at Windsor’s The Backstage. Special thanks goes to Bomber and staff, as well as the amazing Windsor/Essex community for supporting the local scene.

“Temple Bar” is a song written about Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy. Not only a highly influential musician/band, but one of Al “The Yeti” Bone’s all-time favourites. Frontman Micheal Edwards was well aware of that during his secretive lyric writing as the song evolved. “Temple Bar” has the distinction of being the band’s favourite song written so far.

Vocalist Michael Edwards explains the details and meaning behing the song:

Temple Bar is the name of the neighborhood directly surrounding the location recognized as the oldest (and still operating) pub in Dublin, Ireland. Phil Lynott, the singer, songwriter and leader of Thin Lizzy would of gotten his start in music in pubs around Dublin in the 1960’s like Temple Bar. Today a statue has been erected near there to honour the musician and his legacy.

Mike also adds:

A life under the microscope in this song…. biographical in terms of the man himself… and his lyrical alter ego Johnny.

Phil had a tough childhood… Johnny is just plain Tough. I was drawn to the stark differences between the accounts of Phil’s childhood, as a person of mixed heritage, in England and Ireland during the 50s and 60s and the character Johnny that Phil employed occasionally when writing lyrics (most notably “The Rocker” and “The Boys are Back in Town”

Some childhoods are tougher than children can handle… and sometimes kids learn how to ‘toughen up’. Phil Lynott died young due to complications from alcohol and heroin abuse, leaving a wife and two young girls. Rockers like Johnny, however, live on forever in the fantasy world of Temple Bar.

The Pack certainly hopes the viewers have enjoyed what they’ve seen. Future plans include the digital release of the debut album. There will be a label signing, accompanied by a vinyl release.

Check out Lockdown 20/21 Chapter 6 below or click HERE

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