Video Premiere: AGE OF WOLVES ‘Lockdown 20/21’ Chapter 2

The pack is back! Canada’s Age Of Wolves have returned with the second installment of their 6-part Lockdown  20/21 documentary.  In Chapter 2, the band talk candidly about the challenges they had to overcome with the different approach to writing and creating that was introduced with the addition of Al Yeti Bones to the pack. The video also showcases a riff-monster of a   song titled “Overlord”  which was filmed during their October 2020 live performance at The Back Stage in Windsor, Ontario.

“Overlord” was the third song finished in the original writing sessions from The Den. It’s regarded by the Pack as the song that solidified not only their approach, but their mission statement; to unearth, rediscover, create, and fuse as many elements of ‘heavy’ music as possible. For “Overlord”, the band drew from their earliest influences of punk and thrash music, seamlessly merging the outro of the song with a heavy Grunge/Alternative feel. A definite ‘toe-tapper’ with a grooving twist.

In regards to the lyrical content of “Overlord”, vocalist Mike Edwards had this to say:

“The spectre of mutually assured destruction wasn’t left behind in the 80’s. The American defense industry is still prepared to unleash total annihilation. The past four years has seen a deluded narcissist who has exhibited a dubious grasp on reality and megalomaniacal tantrums. This was the man who could authorize a launch. This actuality I considered utterly fucked and absurd; channeling that rage and fear into music was my way of finding sanity.”

Check out Lockdown 20/21 Chapter 2 below or Click Here to view:

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About Age Of Wolves:

Growing up across the river from Motown/Detroit Rock City, and living in the afterglow of the home of the Big 8 CKLW,

Windsor, Ontario has a solid rock and roll history that cannot be denied. A person can’t help but be influenced by the cultural and musical diversity of the area, and surrounding Rust Belt region. The 4 members of Age Of Wolves are a direct byproduct of this. Being veteran musicians who’ve recorded and performed throughout the area and beyond, the original intention was to create a band as diverse as the individuals’ own influences. Drawing from the likes of Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, MC5, Motörhead, Soundgarden, Clutch and ALL styles and flavours in between, the original vision of the band was to encompass and infuse as many of the different styles of ‘heavy’…as tastefully possible.

To sound like every band you’ve ever heard, but not one in particular was the goal. This mission was definitely accomplished with the first 8 songs, before the world changed…

Isolation in what would later become known as the Wolf Den, is where Age Of Wolves began. Ironically, the band will now have to be unveiled in the midst of isolation from a global pandemic.

The Pack Formation

Times have vastly changed since mid September of 2019, when vocalist Michael Edwards (formerly of LoDown), drummer Dwayne Laframboise (formerly of My Terminal Ritual), and bassist Ray Solomon (formerly of My Terminal Ritual) parted ways with their previous bands to pursue something that was more dedicated to their own vision.

In those first couple weeks, through word of mouth, they would garner the attention of a handful of local guitar players, but it wasn’t until AL Yeti Bones (Gypsy Chief Goliath, The Mighty Nimbus, Georgian Skull) entered the room in early October, that things started to take form. Originally only slated as a 3 song demo, the chemistry in the room was instantaneous as The Pack formed, and quickly took shape. So much so, that recording equipment was installed to avoid ‘riff-loss’. As a result, hours of music was sifted through to form the first few songs.

The Pack quickly realized the 3 song demo would have to be more than just that. With a plan to record a 6 song E.P. in early March 2020, everything would be put on hold due to the Covid 19 crisis. Fortunately…the first 4 songs were demo’d in the Wolf Den back during the Christmas holidays, and when things had eased up, the band wrote 4 more, to establish the band, and an album.

Plans began to morph into something incredibly busy during the midst of a pandemic. Age Of Wolves began production on a documentary, and even a live performance. However, time will tell as the world adjusts to a new reality, a new normal as they say, but one thing is for sure, the documentary has captured a fragment in our lives that we will forever remember.

Each week, we will be releasing a new chapter of the documentary exclusively, and we hope you all enjoy. Much more Age Of Wolves to come.

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