LUNAR Interview: Alex And The Illusionist

When I first started listening to The Illusionist, the newest installment of the band Lunar, I was immediately intrigued and curious. The first song, cleverly titled, “Prestidigitation” just happens to be one of my favorite words in the English vocabulary, so this little detail gave me a chuckle. As I continued to listen, I was no longer chuckling and was enthralled fully by the musicianship, guitar work, drumming, and bass lines. Little did I know the next track was also going to start blowing me away vocally.

In 2014, Alex Bosson (drums) and Ryan Erwin (guitar) collaborated as two good friends just wanting to make music they enjoyed and created the band Lunar. They released the first EP, Provenance, then released their debut album, Theogony, which was a concept album full of mythology. At this point, the two good friends and creators had a sad parting as Erwin passed away and Bosson was left behind, grieving, and trying to decide what to do with what they started. He released Eidolon, in response to his grief and to honor his friend with a beautiful album full of mourning and stunning soundscapes. The latest installment, The Illusionist, features Bosson on the drums, Ryan Price (bass), Balmore Lemus (guitar), and Chandler Mogel (vocals). The album also includes many musicians including a harsh vocalist, Brian Lewis. This incredible album has jazz elements, mixed with progressive musicianship, some hints of blues, and everything in between coming together with an interesting storyline and concept bow. The Illusionist character became familiar to me quickly and I found myself thinking more about his struggles and sorrows than I anticipated. I was so thrown into his world through the development and soundtrack to his life, I found myself wanting to know more and not wanting to stop listening. It is a beautiful album full of surprises.

Alex was kind enough to sit down with Metal Nation about this album. (If you are viewing from your phone, scroll to the bottom and click “View Desktop Version”, to see interview and videos).

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