Dennis’ Top 10 Hard Rock and Metal Albums of 2017

5. Orden Ogan – Gunmen (AFM)

In 4 years, the German power metal band Orden Ogan grew from support act to worthy festival band with their own headline shows. The album Gunmen surely will prolong this success. Alternating the heavy headbang riffs with the catchy sing-along choruses makes Gunmen is a great addition to their repertoire. Song such as “Fields of Sorrow” and “Come With Me To The Other Side ft. Liv Kristine” will definitely keep the party going.

4. Europe – Walk the Earth (Hell & Back)

Who doesn’t know the signature sound from “The Final Countdown” by these legendary Swedish rockers?! Although Europe does not classify as metal, it surely belongs in the top 10 releases of 2017. With the title track of this album, they show the world they have still got what it takes to write good music. Although it can be argued to be cheesy, their music is solid and can still bring back the nostalgia of the 80’s scene.

3. Diablo Blvd – Zero Hour (Nuclear Blast)

The Belgian rockers of Diablo Blvd with Comedian Alex Agnew as their singer released their 4th album in 2017. Zero Hour has a wide variety of songs, ranging from dark rock to (almost progressive) groove metal. Although this wide variety exists, the groove and melodies are present all throughout the album. If you are not familiar with this band, the songs “Sing From The Gallows” and “Like Rats” will surely represent their sound very well.

2. Trivium – The Sin and the Sentence (Roadrunner)

In October 2017, Trivium released their 8th studio album, The Sin and the Sentence. It seems that the band had taken the criticism concerning their last release, Silence in the Snow, very seriously. With The Sin and the Sentence, Trivium returned to the heavier sound from the Shogun era. The pre-released single, “The Heart From Your Hate” perfectly summarizes the Trivium sound.

Alestorm – No Grave But The Sea (Napalm)

Alestorm, a band that needs no introduction. This album has once again blown the mind of the fans, including me. With sing along songs such as “Mexico” and “F—ked With an Anchor” these Scottish pirates have expanded their repertoire once again with some of the best metal party hits. The special edition, No Grave But The Sea – For Dogs, surely lived up to the humoristic expectation from the band.

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