HEIDEVOLK Interview: Jacco and Rowan vs The Dungeon

It takes a very special band to have a strong desire to listen to their music over and over again while not understanding a word. Heidevolk has the talent of more than the six men who are involved in the creation. Wederkeer is a folk metal treasure that takes you on a journey through the soul of humanity and the afterlife.

Hailing from The Netherlands and singing in their native tongue; Jacco de Wijs (vocals), Koen Romeijn (guitar), Mat van Baest (guitar), Rowan Middelwijk (bass guitar), Kevin van den Heiligenberg (drums) are showing how they can deliver a heartfelt and important message through music and visuals with a language barrier not becoming a barrier at all. The harmonizing and chanting become a mantra as you dive deeper into the album, track by track full of feeling and hope. In union, the guitars have a strong presence of impressive solos and intense riffs. All soundscapes come together to bring brilliant and consistent melodies while also showing diversity and impressionable songs. The bass is strong and prominent and the drums hammer at a fast pace that drives through your gut. The video for “Drink met de Goden” is an experience all in itself. The ride I went on emotionally while watching was something I had not expected. It is a beautiful song and depiction. “Oeros” quickly became my favorite, so I asked about what it meant and was thrilled to hear about the meaning, which is featured in the interview.  It truly is a gem of an album and one I look forward to adventuring through every time I press play.

Jacco and Rowan were kind enough to sit down with Metal Nation and discuss the upcoming album. (If you are viewing from your phone, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “View Desktop Version” to gain video and interview access).

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