DIEHUMANE INTERVIEW: Garret Discusses The Grotesque

When you hear the word supergroup, who do you automatically think of? Well, I am going to throw another band into the hat for you all, because mixing Sal Abruscato (drums) of Type O Negative and A Pale Horse Named Death along with Rick Hunolt (lead guitar) of Exodus, as well as three other incredibly talented humans, Josh Vargas (rhythm guitar, bass, piano, programming), Greg Hilligiest (keys, samples, guitar), and Garret West (vocals), you get DieHumane, and let me tell you, this fusion is pure genius.

I would be lying if I said I even knew where to begin with how to explain what these guys are doing with debut album, The Grotesque, but whatever it is, is nothing short of a breath of fresh air; fresh, dark, heavy, bizarre air. Once I heard the first song, “Oblivion”, I knew I was going to be a fan, and wanted to hear more. Thankfully, I had the connections to do just that, and had the ride of my life diving fully into this album full of melodic twists, multi-genre infused soundscapes, and an overall wild quirky atmosphere. To be able to create something so incredibly outlandish flawlessly, seems like a difficult feat, but they make it look easy, and I am beyond eager to see where they go next. The Grotesque will be a tough one to beat this year. This majestic debut will be released May 5th, 2023.

Garret sat down with Metal Nation to discuss all things DieHumane. (If you are viewing from your cellphone, scroll to the bottom and click, “View Desktop Version” to see interview and videos). 


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