Ontario’s VOLTANG release new music video for ‘Garbage People’

Unsettling entertainment from their second album Bad Sounds

Voltang, the “Raunch and Roll” band from Hamilton, Ontario who have made their unusual name synonymous with over-the-top performances, in your face sounds, and do it yourself until you die tour schedules is at it again with the release of a new music video for the song “Garbage People” off of their 2016 release Bad Sounds.

The video was filmed completely in house (literally filmed in their own house) by filmmaker and drummer for the band, Paul Maxwell. Along with many other accolades including videos for the band “Walk Off The Earth,” and a stand up DVD special for comedian Wally Warwick entitled “Worse Than Hitler”. Maxwell’s brand of imagery is certainly in a league of it’s own. Maxwell started his professional filmmaking career in 2016 with the creation of his own production company “Two Foot Films,” exploding on multiple projects in 9 different countries, truly taking the bull by the horns and running with it.

The video exemplifies the bands “happy go lowlife” lifestyle showing each of the band members in their own element. Evan Dreager (guitar) hitting the bong, Jake Reimer (vocals) touring the house in a haze, Maxwell (drums) drinking up a storm and smashing the kit, and Andy Dmytryshyn (guitar) having sexual relations with his guitars. If you know Voltang, this wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary to you, but the video puts a spotlight on the uncomforting brand of entertainment they have to offer.

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“Garbage People” also features Bruce, the German Shepherd who deserves mention as he is considered a part of the band and provides much needed emotional support to a group of miscreants who certainly could use it from time to time. Plus Bruce is super cool.

Voltang is currently writing their third album, poised for release in 2018. Not much is clear on what to expect from Voltang on the next album, but it’s sure to be packed with much more off-the-wall mixes of insanity and discomforting sounds along with many more intense visual production from Paul Maxwell.


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